Corinne Jeffrey
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11th August 2022 

Channelled Readings ~ Mediumship

Beyond Coaching ~ Entity Removal


'The best reading I've ever had.' JH, England

'I've completely turned all areas of my life around, thanks entirely to our coaching sessions.' AO, England


Whether you are stuck, at a cross-roads, going through hell or just want to feel happier than you are with yourself and your life, and it feels right to you to have a session with me, I may well be able to help you.

It's all about you being glad to be you, living your life (and not anyone else's ideas of how you should live), feeling fulfilled, being on track with your purpose, and loving being alive and part of All That Is.

It's also about you being able to hear - and act on - the guidance that comes from within you, from spirit and your guides and angels and from the world around you, so that you get the help and direction you need, and about having effective tools to deal with whatever comes up within you or happens to you.

And it's about getting rid of whatever is preventing you from being yourself and from loving being you, by clearing out thoughts, patterns, and anything else that does not reflect the truth of who you are, from this or past lives, healing the wounded parts of you, and removing anything that interferes with your well-being on any level.

Choose from a Channelled Reading, with or without some Mediumship, or Beyond Coaching, which can include Entity Removal if necessary.