Corinne Jeffrey
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22nd May 2022 
Corinne Jeffrey

I was born in Germany in 1952 and have also lived in France, the USA and England. I had several psychic experiences as a child and teenager, including knowing people's names without having to be told and having dreams that came true.

I have been a nurse, an actress and singer, a sales rep for Yellow Pages and done all sorts of other jobs. I always wondered why I couldn't settle down and just pursue one career, until I started channelling information and guidance for people in 1986. From then on I allowed my spiritual life to dominate and become my life.

I started channelling spontaneously, within a few months of taking my first, nervous steps into the world of personal development workshops and courses, and my spiritual journey has always been closely intertwined with my personal growth. They nurture and feed each other.

This lifetime for me is about learning and understanding more and more about our ultimate journey - from our original oneness, through all the myriad hells, nightmares, muddles, confusions, joys and wonders of all our lives, to our eventual letting go of any last scrap of forgetting that we are still one and still at Source and surrendering to the loving, welcome and warmth of the light that for me is God.

It's also about receiving and refining the most powerful tools I can get my hands on to not only heal, release and dissolve the scars and wounds and pain of our entire existence, but to slough off anything and everything that is us not being our true, radiant, pure essence as fast and completely and painlessly as possible.

And it's about passing this on, sharing my knowledge and expertise, helping you to understand and to build your own toolkit, to further your own journey, to become ever happier because you are becoming ever more who you truly are.

The sufi poet Rumi said long, long ago,

"We practice remembrance (of divine unity) until we forget forgetfulness."

In this lifetime I am, at long last, getting a little better at it.


'You know when you've been Corinne'd' HO, England

'I could stay on the phone with you forever.' KK, England