Corinne Jeffrey
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22nd May 2022 
Beyond Coaching

We start with you telling me me how you want you and your life to be, and where you are stuck, bogged down or frustrated in your desires.

I then ask you questions in order to identify what is blocking you from moving in the right direction, from having the life you want and from being happy or anything alse you want to be. I may also offer suggestions and explanations to help you to look at things in empoweringly new ways, and to bring you into alignment with your purpose.

And working intuitively and psychically, using an array of insights and tools - many unique to my work - I guide you through processes designed to allow you to heal your wounded inner children and past lives, release unhelpful beliefs, patterns and emotional baggage quickly, easily and completely, trigger the flow of inspiration, guidance, synchronicity and help from both the physical and non-physical realms, and much more.

Our work together may involve you breaking your ancestral patterns, enhancing and updating your self-image, letting go of self-blame, shame, guilt, fear and more, healing what happened in the womb or before any of your lifetimes, or freeing you from dysfunctional family systems.


'The only thing that's really shifted my blocks and helped me get on with my life. It's amazing. You're amazing.' JM, England

'The most powerful therapy I have ever experienced. It works like laser treatment, illuminating and healing core wounds and delivering me back to my essence with you as midwife ensuring a safe birth.' MB, Ireland

'Coaching with you has made tremendous differences in my life, from low self-esteem to a business woman' TR, England

'In every session more pieces of blockage are removed and they don't come back. Life is getting easier and easier.' PO, Trinidad


Entity Removal

For most people this will never be necessary.

Some people may have one or a few discarnate beings around or attached to them, others are plagued by them. There are many different beings that can, often unwittingly, cause us problems, including beings from other dimensions, planets or universes, people who have died (these attach to me when I visit hospitals, old peoples' homes, etc.) and lost or embryonic souls. Some may initially appear to be highly malevolent.

My approach is to encourage and support them in releasing you and moving on, by showing them the way to where they could be truly happy.

Sometimes it will become apparent during a Beyond Coaching session that you and your life are being interfered with, in which case we would remove the entities involved there and then, but we can dedicate an entire session to clearing them from you, if it feels right to you to do so.


'I feel completely different. I feel I can be me now.' VD, England

'I love it when they leave and I realise "Oh, so that feeling/ behaviour/ health issue/ personality trait/ etc., wasn't me at all." I'm calmer, stronger, I make better decisions, I have more energy, I have more money coming in - I could go on.' DG, England



1 hour session 75 ~ 90 minute session 113
or local currency equivalent
CD of your session posted to you:
3 within the UK ~ 4 within the EU ~ 6 to the USA and the rest of the world
mp3 recording of your session emailed to you anywhere: 2
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