Corinne Jeffrey
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22nd May 2022 
Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to call me to discuss these or any other questions you may have:

How do I choose between a Channelled Reading and a Beyond Coaching session?

The best guide is your gut - which feels right to you? I am happy to talk it over with you, to help you get a better feel for what you need.
In a Channelled Reading you will be given information and guidance, whereas in a Beyond Coaching session we will work on your issues and questions to get you closer to where you want to be.

I live outside the UK - can you call me for my session?

I am happy to call landlines in most countries for no extra charge, both for your session and and to answer any queries you may have, including EU countries, the USA, Canada and Australia. Please ask me about calls to any other countries.

What methods of payment do you accept?

In the UK, telephone or internet banking takes 0-4 hours for the money to reach my account - ideal if you want a session at short notice. I can email you a PayPal invoice anywhere in the world, allowing you to pay by credit or debit card. I accept cheques in most currencies, including Euros, US and Canadian dollars and Swiss francs.

How do I book a session with you?

The fastest and easiest way is by phone, which also allows you to ask any questions you have and to get a good feel for me and my work. I'm happy to call you to do this - either call me and ask me to call you back or, if you're in less of a hurry, use the form to email me, giving me your phone number and the time zone you are in.


'I'm so excited about the thought of another session with you.' LH, England

'My friend told me you were good, but this was amazing.' TP, England