Corinne Jeffrey
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22nd May 2022 
Channelled Readings

By writing down your questions about your relationships, career, health the people in your life, or anything else, I open a pure channel to spirit. That triggers a session densely packed with clear, accurate, relevant, waffle-free information and guidance.

Deeply caring but uncompromisingly enlightening, your reading will explain your current situation and highlight the causes of your problems, your next steps, direction and purpose, together with pointers to your personal growth and spiritual development.


'The most insightful reading I've ever had, by a mile. You touched on many things you couldn't possibly have known.' AW, England

'Really informative. 100% of it rang true and resonated with me. I'm jazzed, it's putting an extra smile on my face. It has supported me in taking my next steps.'

'You've not only hit the nail on the head, you've given me things I can actually undertake to solve it all.' MW, England

'I haven't found any other channel who makes as much sense as you.' SP, England

'Your channelling works so well by phone. Your talents have literally transformed my life.' KS, Scotland

'Why struggle on our own when there are "phone lines" to other dimensions?'
RD-G, France



When I write down your questions for and about the people and animals who have died that you want to hear from, along with your messages for them, I open the channel to spirit which allows them to communicate with me.

Their messages to you can help you to understand them, you, your life, how they are, why you were in each others' lives, your connection in the future, the relationship between your souls, whether anything needs to be healed between you, how to do that, and more.

Mediumship can be included in a Channelled Reading.


'You get straight to the point with helpful, meaningful messages. I found it deeply healing and reassuring.' MP, USA

'It's helped me to understand what's happened - and why. You told me things I've never told anyone.' MS, England

'Of all the readings I've had, yours has given me the most help and support to move forward. I am now able to climb back from my loss with more strength than I thought possible.' LB, England

'I'm feeling so much better, so much lighter, and I'm looking at the whole thing through new eyes.' IH, Scotland



30 minute reading 75 ~ 45 minute reading 113 ~ 1 hour reading 150
or local currency equivalent
CD of your session posted to you:
3 within the UK ~ 4 within the EU ~ 6 to the USA and the rest of the world
mp3 recording of your session emailed to you anywhere: 2
If you need to, ask me for reduced rates for a 30 or 45 minute reading